Boom Shake Shake Shake the Room

We’ve just had our third small earthquake in the past month. This one was a number 4 on the Japanese shindo scale that measures seismic intensity  from  0 – 7. I’m not sure if this makes it more or less likely that we will soon experience the oft-predicted 1 in 100 year Tokai earthquake. (The last great Tokai Earthquake was in 1854 so you can understand why people around here are a bit nervous about it.)

NHK Earthquake Report
NHK Earthquake Report following today's quake.

After each earthquake we turn on the TV to see where the epicentre was, the magnitude and depth, and most importantly whether or not a Tsunami is predicted to follow. This information is broadcast within minutes of the quake occurring thanks to Japan’s advanced network of  hundreds of seismic intensity meters.


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