Where’s Nicewife

Living in Japan presents me with a practical problem when it comes to finding my Japanese wife in a crowd. Example below.

Lots of Heads
This is not a recent photo but it aptly demonstrates my point.

6 thoughts on “Where’s Nicewife

  1. Susannah

    I have a friend who, when he was on a high school exchange, lost his host family in an enormous crowd at a festival. In his panic (and despite being a fair-haired, pasty pale, blue eyed Gaijin), he ended up needing to shimmie up a flag pole, and using a cigarette lighter and a can of aerosol deodorant he made an improvised flame thrower to catch their attention. He got back to Adelaide to tell the tale so I guess it worked.

    1. Wow, that’s quite a story Susannah! Did he really use a can of aerosol? I can think of other handy sources of fuel that pasty high school boys would delight in lighting for the sake of cultural enlightenment.

      1. Susannah

        It’s possible that, given his turbulent frame of mind and the effect that usually has on one’s bowels, your proposed fuel alternative may have been far from a ‘clean gas’. No doubt such a fireworks display would have cemented the ‘Australian male’ cultural experience in many a Japanese mind, not to mention hair.

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