ID Starts Nursery School

Our little man is all grown up…. sniff sniff.

The Japanese academic year starts in April and our eldest son, ID, will turn 4 this month. From tomorrow he’ll be attending the local nursery school. Today we attended his Entrance Ceremony. (Yes, there are ceremonies for everything in Japan!) He will be in a class with 15 other 3-4 year olds.

The United Nations of Nursery School
The United Nations of Nursery School

We were surprised and delighted to find that he’ll be sitting at a very international table. It’ll be just like the UN with Japan, Australia, The United States and The Philippines all represented. We anticipate his teacher uttering these famous words at some point in the term: “Do you kids wanna be like the real UN or do you just wanna squabble and waste time?”

Entrance Ceremony
Entrance ceremony - It apparently all got a bit too much towards the end of the morning!

7 thoughts on “ID Starts Nursery School

  1. MJ

    That is a fantastic picture. Very much loving the facial expression. I’m sure I felt like that on my first day of school too.

  2. bruce harper

    Tim-san, no doubt little brother will miss his playmate.
    It’s lovely to see your smiling faces.

    Best wishes


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