Octogenarian Rugby

On TV a couple of nights ago I saw footage of a bunch of octogenarian former rugby players actually playing rugby. It was a full contact game that included tackles, scrums and trys. As one would expect there was a large group of medics on scene to quickly deal with any incidents, and a bunch of undertakers and counsellors on standby to deal with the numerous expected deaths.

In what was billed as a Japan first, the minimum age for participation in the game was 80. The oldest player was 90, and is clearly identifiable in the video below by his gold pants. Kylie Minogue would be proud. At the end of the video the 90 year old is asked how long he’ll continue. He replies that he’ll continue as long as he’s still alive and able. Perhaps not that much longer then.


5 thoughts on “Octogenarian Rugby

  1. Hi; this is Golden Oldies rugby. My dad organised the Golden Oldies rugby world tournament in Adelaide a decade or so ago. It is open to 50+s. Every decade of age gets to wear a different colour of shorts, and each decade up has slightly easier rules. If you get to 100 and wear the golden shorts, the rule is basically: if you get the ball you can’t be tackled; if you keep hold of it you can keep running until you score a try, break a bone or drop dead.

  2. Hey, we are always trying to promote positive aging and strength based programs at the Councl so I’ll share this with them next week. Probably won’t be rugby but Ozzie Rules if it is played. May need a good lawyer to write up a declaration that ‘I do not hold ….. responsible should I fracture a hip, knee, etc or drop dead suddenly, etc’. Tim, can you think of anyone that would have these fine LEGAL skills (hee, hee)

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