Cheaper Coffee

I’ve posted in the past about my dislike of paying $5 for a cup of mud-like filter coffee, and I’ve been actively seeking better alternatives. Today I bought a small filter coffee at Maccas for just 100 yen. After I paid they said they could also do me an Iced Coffee for free. So that’s two coffees, one iced and one hot, for around $1.30 in total.

Coffee still takes like mud, but at least it’s reasonably-priced mud.

Two coffees for $1.30. I’m lovin’ it.

4 thoughts on “Cheaper Coffee

  1. I remember going to maccas in Japan years ago with Lol and Amy and getting a bottomless cup coffee for 150 yen, took it upstairs, drank it, came down 6 more times as we shared the one coffee price for 6 coffees. We loved eating at Yoshinoya restraunts, really good food and prices too, but I’ve heard they are not doing well or have ‘gone under’.

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