That’s a Wrap!

Our moderately absurd gap year has finally come to an end – all too quickly I might add. In just a couple of days we will be heading back to Adelaide, Australia.

This year we’ve had a blast in Japan! We’ve eaten lots of great food, improved our Japanese (even Nicewife), spent precious time with friends and family, done some interesting work, travelled a little, and made some mistakes.

Together we’ve laughed and we’ve cried. Well… we’ve cried at least. Thank you, dear reader, for sharing our adventure, and may you continue to discover things in your own life that are neither mundane and ordinary, nor completely crazy, but perhaps just Moderately Absurd!


7 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap!

  1. Paul Whatling (aka Big Jessie)

    Thanks Tim for your witty, articulate insights, I’ve enjoyed following your adventures and look forward to seeing you soon

  2. Robyn

    Dear Tim and NIcewife, look forward to your return, I have enjoyed your blog, I do hope you were able to record it all, it could go in a book. You write so well and I feel that you have bought Japan alive to me. No doubt it will be hard to say goodbuy to family, how that you have done it once maybe you can do it again when the boys are older, or grandmar can have a gap year in Adelaide and write her blog! Must make contact when you are back and settled. I am sure Uncle Ken will look forward to meeting you for coffee in the city, he is now having the odd Monday and Friday off due to ‘retirement’ age approaching. Love to you all and a safe trip back home.

  3. Oh, this will be so difficult for ALL of you to leave. Thanks for keeping us up to date through your blog on what’s happening / happened.
    Looking forward to seeing you all again.

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