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In September 2011, I put my job on hold, rented out my house, and moved my family to Japan for 12 months.

We styled our year away on the UK Channel 4 series “My Family’s Crazy Gap Year”. Families featured in this program generally sell all that they own, buy a 4WD, and drive from Johannesburg to Tripoli… Well, maybe not Tripoli anymore. Or they live for a week or two with a hitherto untouched tribe deep in the Amazon jungle, forever altering that people’s “untouched” status for the sake of cheap TV. Or they buy a yacht and sail around aimlessly wherever the wind will take them, braving storms and calling to port at unknown exotic lands.

Of my family of four, the other three Japanese nationals, so the move to Japan isn’t really that crazy. We have relatives here, and familiarity with the language and culture. It’s not that crazy. It’s just Moderately Absurd.

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6 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. moira mackay

    I’m a slow starter! Finally worked out how to get to your blog, and read it from the start, and signed up for email notification!! I REALLY, REALLY enjoy your style of writing!! Very humorous!! It’s also great to hear a little of what you’ve been up to!! Miss you all! Lots of love, Moira xx

  2. Paul Whatling

    Love following your adventures, I guess Special Car Friend and associates have looked into exporting them to Oz and other countries for parts?

    1. I don’t think Special Car Friend has the expertise or network to do this, but I know that there are companies here that export them to countries in Africa and Asia. Every now and then I’ve seen documentaries or programs shot in different parts of the world where you can clearly see washed-out Japanese corporate identifiers on old trucks and minibuses. Perhaps another reader will have some knowledge in this area…

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