Nuptials with Nanoparticles

Given that you usually only get married once, you want that special day to be memorable. One way to ensure this is to get married at this beautiful and expensive little wedding chapel in the south of Nagoya.

What a beautiful fake-sandstone wedding chapel....
after 1
.... just make sure your photographer knows how to crop his pictures.
After 2
A perfect setting for a special day.

Shelf-stacking Preacher

The church that we attend in Japan has a congregation of 10 when everyone rocks up. Of this number my family is 4 and the pastor’s family is 3.

I’ve been wondering how our pastor survives financially given the small size of the congregation. I discovered part of the answer on Sunday. For five nights a week he works at a local supermarket stacking shelves and undertaking other stock-related work.

The more I get to know this guy, the more I like him!

Traffic Sign Hymns

Our eldest son, ID, has a curious fascination with road signs. Although his Japanese in general matters is still rather rudimentary, he knows the official names of most of the signs on the page below. He carries this book with him everywhere, always open at this page.

We are wondering how he will cope when he starts nursery school next year. Although he won’t be able to manage “Hi, my name’s ID and I’m 3 years old”, he will fluently spout off, “Overtaking prohibited! Pedestrian crossing ahead. Caution: road narrows.”

His obsession has recently reached a new level. After church one Sunday, Nicewife overheard ID singing a hymn-like tune interspersed with the official names of traffic signs. He finished with “Amen”.

It seems that traffic signs have now officially become a religion.

traffic signs