Little Princess Syndrome in a Dog


Nicewife’s parents have a beautiful black labrador. They bought it after both their adult children had left home.

The dog serves a vital purpose. It indulges their need to pamper something younger and cuter than themselves. The dog’s life perks include the following:

  • Green tea on demand.
  • Year round climate control: Air conditioning in summer. Central heating in winter.
  • A raised feeding bowl so the poor dear doesn’t have to strain her neck to reach for food on the floor.
  • A wind shelter on windy days. A sun shelter on sunny days.
  • A collection of mats that are rotated according to season: Airy tatami, a gell-filled “cool pad” and thick luxury carpet.
  • An electronic insect repeller.

If there is a fly in her room she will bark until they remove it. She refuses to go for a walk if the ground is even slightly wet, yet alone if it is actually raining. She also won’t walk if it is much over 30 degrees outside. Nicewife’s dad cuts open old yoghurt and ice cream containers so that she can lick up every last drop. (I’ve yet to see him help with housework by cutting up the containers that we are required to recycle.) If the family are eating some special treat that has been given as a gift, one is often reserved for the little princess. Even her transportation is first-class. Despite the fact that Nicewife’s parents own a small tray-top truck perfectly suited to canine carriage, the dog will only visit the vet in the BMW.

The pampering of dogs is something of a common theme in Japan. It is not unusual to see women taking their small dogs for a walk…. in a Louis Vuitton bag! The dog looks bored. The woman looks exhausted. Yves Carcelle looks immensely satisfied.

I thought I’d finish with a photo of an elevator at a local shopping mall. This particular elevator (of a total of three available) is specifically intended for the use of customers who have come, to this very nice modern indoor mall, accompanied with their bagged dogs.

pet elevator

Bring your Dog Shopping for its Replacement

Today Nicewife visited a large hardware store that had a surprising pet angle to it. Apart from being able to buy the usual building supplies, tools and garden equipment you could also buy dogs, cats and goldfish.

And if you already own a dog there is no need to feel separation anxiety during your brief shopping sojourn – you can bring your dog from home and take it shopping with you! Just place your substitute-for-a-real-child pooch into one of these specifically-provided shopping trolleys and hope that it doesn’t barf in your watering can before you get to the checkout.

Large Dog Cart
The text on the side reads: "Cart for use of large-type dogs".

Unfortunately Nicewife didn’t have a camera with her, but she informs me that the dog cart for larger dogs looked basically like the one above. (Photo courtesy of this blog.)