And this was given as a sign….

It didn’t take long for the regular roadsigns to lose their lustre for our three year old son, ID. Having thoroughly exhausted the numerous options available under the Japanese Highway Code, he has commissioned his own additions as specified in the technical design drawing below.

The new signs are all of the cautionary rather than regulatory category. If you are absurdly bored or very easily entertained perhaps you can try matching the signs to their official names:

  • Rubbish on Road
  • Eyeglasses ahead
  • Toilet in road
  • Donuts may be present ahead
  • Cereal and Milk on Road
  • …. and my personal favourite, Caution – darkness!

New Roadsigns

Traffic Sign Hymns

Our eldest son, ID, has a curious fascination with road signs. Although his Japanese in general matters is still rather rudimentary, he knows the official names of most of the signs on the page below. He carries this book with him everywhere, always open at this page.

We are wondering how he will cope when he starts nursery school next year. Although he won’t be able to manage “Hi, my name’s ID and I’m 3 years old”, he will fluently spout off, “Overtaking prohibited! Pedestrian crossing ahead. Caution: road narrows.”

His obsession has recently reached a new level. After church one Sunday, Nicewife overheard ID singing a hymn-like tune interspersed with the official names of traffic signs. He finished with “Amen”.

It seems that traffic signs have now officially become a religion.

traffic signs