The Relationship Between Hubris and Sloth in PHP

WordPress has kindly informed me that I’ve reached 50 moderately absurd posts. I will now set a public target of 100 posts this year – just so that I can miss it and be publicly humiliated. 🙂

As I recently commented to a friend, I only post in accordance with the following programatic statement:

// PHP Blog Posting if/else statement.
if (Hubris > Sloth) {
    Write New Blog Post ;
    Drink beer;


Microsoft Hates Microsoft

Today I fired up Internet Explorer 6 on XP to test how it renders one of my sites. Before even getting that far I discovered that Microsoft has suicidal tendencies – a fact clearly evident by the following issues:

Issue 1: The homepage of IE6 defaulted to nineMSN, a Microsoft site that promptly causes Microsoft’s own ancient browser to crash.

Issue 2: The Download Center on (you know, where you go to upgrade the browser) isn’t compatible with IE6.

Check out all those PNGs with transparent alpha channels - exactly the type that IE6 can't render.

If even Microsoft doesn’t care about IE6, why should I?